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Instructor’s Memorable Moments

  • A hug from a former student.
  • My favorite part of BoostCamp this year was watching a student successfully write his name in cursive during an enrichment class. He had been trying so hard and finally was able to do it. To observe that was so rewarding.
  • Loved seeing the students faces as they listened to themselves reading their poems on the radio!
  • When I heard the kids talking about how they liked the food they made and they also said they made some of the food at home after the class.
  • Our students completed maintenance work on the corridor of the Squirrel Trail in Rifle Falls State Park. We completed this in just 3 weeks! We were lucky to have such hard working and energetic students. We also began work on the Bobcat Trail, which was completed just a week later by another student group. Boost Camp gave us the strong start we needed to complete that project.
  • One student that I found to be particularly memorable. He was the smallest in the entire class, and seemed like a quiet child. However, despite this, whenever I came around to check his progress with responding to the creative writing prompt, he was always full of ideas and many lines had already been filled. While I believe all of my students have potential, I think he had something special.
  • I just like having more fun with students. The regular year is so rigid, it is nice to have more laid back time.
  • Two kids who didn’t want to speak on the radio ended up doing it and sounding great!
  • The field trips each Friday and to the library were positive experiences for the kids.

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