Students talk with their teacher during the Newspaper Class at Basalt Middle School.

Access’ SecondShift afterschool program provides middle school students in the Roaring Fork RE-1 and Garfield Re-2 school districts with enrichment activities up to four days a week with an emphasis on character development and life skills. ¬†SecondShift delivers low-cost classes in the arts, music, sports, fitness and much more. Classes take place during the at-risk hours of 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and provide the students with a safe and enriching environment where they can thrive.

What are parents saying about Access AfterSchool’s SecondShift program?

  • Love the SecondShift classes and the opportunities the kids have to explore and learn new things and expand their opportunities to be creative and provide critical thinking opportunities.
  • It was great to finally have an after school option. I really hope it is offered again this year.
  • My daughter really enjoyed SecondShift while getting to learn new skills (crochet and photography) and meet new kids.
  • My daughter really enjoyed the Spa class and I hope you bring it back. She got me to buy her, her own kits for home, gave me several hand treatments that she felt so good about making herself.
  • A great program
  • Thank you and keep it going, please!


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