1. What is ACCESS?
is a not-for-profit organization that partners with local schools to provide opportunities for all students to further develop academic and social skills in a safe and healthy environment within extended day programs and beyond.  We offer a wide variety of SecondShift after-school classes at five different middle schools in Garfield County as shown under “Locations” on this web site.  Sessions are offered
2 times/year and run ten weeks.  Classes are 1 to 1.5 hours and are held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Some classes meet twice weekly and others meet once a week.

2. Is ACCESS operated through the School District?
No. We are an independent non-profit.  We work closely with the schools where our programs are offered, but we are not financially affiliated with the School District.  We do receive an in-kind donation from school districts in the form of the use of school facilities and janitorial services.

3. Do students have to go to public school in order to take classes in the SecondShift after-school program?
No, any child may participate in our SecondShift classes.  To register, a parent or guardian just needs to fill out registration forms that are available at our office or at the schools.  The forms can be picked up at and returned to the administrative office of the school where your child expects to attend SecondShift classes.  Students must be in 5th through 8th grade to attend.

4. What is the cost per class?
The cost is $20 per class.  If the class meets 2 times a week it is still $20.  If your child signs up for 2 separate classes, for example Cooking on Mondays and Kickboxing on Wednesdays, the fee would be $20 per class, for a total of $40.

5. What does the $20 per class pay for?
The $20 goes toward paying teachers and covering program costs such as materials (wood for carpentry, material for sewing, etc).  The fee also covers the students’ snack before each class.  The $20 fee only covers a small portion of ACCESS’ costs.  The remainder of our program expenses are covered by grants and charitable donations to our organization.

6. Are there scholarships available?
Yes.  Simply indicate on the registration form that the child needs a scholarship to participate and we will contact you to gather the required information to extend financial help.

7. Who will be supervising my child while he or she is attending SecondShift classes?
The vast majority of people who work with children in the SecondShift program are people who work with students during their regular daytime classes.  This means that they frequently know your child from in-class contact, and they are familiar with the school’s academic program, allowing them to be particularly effective in homework help offered in Fast Forward classes.  We also employ instructors who work with students in other non and for profit organizations in the valley.

8.  How may I support ACCESS Roaring Fork with a monetary donation?
Simply send a check to ACCESS Roaring Fork, PO Box 819, Carbondale CO 81623.  We are a 501c3 tax exempt organization.  We do not make any profit on our services.  100% of our fees and donations go toward meeting our program costs.  That means that 100% of any donation made to ACCESS is tax deductible.  You can also donate using our secure server by clicking here and selecting “donate now”. For in-kind donations or more information, please contact an ACCESS staff member at 970-963-4402.

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